10 Egg Science Experiments

Easter is just around the corner, so I’ve put together a collection of eggy experiments perfect for this time of year. Eggs are great for experiments as they are inexpensive, easily available and very versatile. We try not to waste food at Science Sparks, but for most of these ideas you can still eat the actual egg. Do be careful if you have a child with allergies though.

Egg Experiments

How about a Humpty Dumpty themed egg drop experiment?

Egg drop experiment

Find out how to make an unbreakable egg, this is super simple and all you need is an egg and some cling film.

unbreakable egg


How can you make an egg bounce? Find out here, be careful though it might  break if you bounce it too high,

Egg with no shell


How to make an egg shell disappear! This is like magic! Watch the shell disappear before your eyes. Just be careful not to break the membrane like we did.

How to get an egg yolk without cracking the shell - Science Sparks


Shrinking eggs – make an egg shrink and then expand, but first you’ll have to remove the shell to expose the delicate membrane.

  Shrinking eggs


How Strong is an egg shell? Can you balance books on a egg shell? and how many? What else could you balance on top of the eggs?


egg shell balancing books


Air Pressure – find out how to get an egg through a small jar. Watch as the egg drops into the jar like magic.

Transforming egg white – find out what happens when you whisk egg white and why. This one is a bit messy, but lots of fun and very yummy!



For more meringue fun, how about making a Baked Alaska?



You could make a chocolate easter egg and explore melting.

  Easter egg

Finally, do you know how to make an egg float?


egg floating


Can you think of any more egg experiments for kids? Please do leave a link in the comments if you have any.


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There are 28 comments

  1. Damson Lane

    We used to fry an egg in class to show the children the change of state from liquid to solid with the addition of heat. Can you believe that most of them had never seen a egg frying so it was a real novelty (they were 11!!).

  2. Rachel

    Ok, these ideas are just TOO COOL!!! I can’t wait to try these with my own kiddos! Thanks so much for sharing over at Sun Scholars. I am featuring this post at this week’s party… YIPEE!!! AND… it’s been pinned to my Best Of board on Pinterest, and sharing on Facebook later this morning. Love what you are doing here at Science Sparks! xoxoxo

  3. Reshama

    We just did one of the egg-periments! We did the bioled egg on a bottle and it got sucked right in! Thanks for sharing. we cant wait to do more!

  4. Abby

    Thanks for sharing!! I was not aware of all the neat things you can do with an egg… I know my students will love these!!

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