10 fun preschool science ideas

Today we have lots of ideas for preschool science. Science doesn’t have to be complex experiments for older children. Science is all around us and can be explored by even very young children, just simply encouraging them to touch objects with different textures is introducing simple scientific concepts.

Preschool science

Here are 10 fun easy preschool science activity ideas.

Fun with bubbles

This post shows lots of great ways to have fun with bubbles. Can you spot the rainbows?

preschool science

One big bubble!


Shadow Puppets

preschool science


Make a shadow puppet and watch the shadows change shape as you move the puppet away from the wall. You could even make your own puppet show.

Making Music

Learn how to play a tune with bottles and water.

Absorbing experiments

absorbing water - preschool science


Learn why sponges absorb water, and why a flannel absorbs less than a sponge.

Make an egg shell disappear


Find out how to make an egg shell disappear.

Which is the heaviest?


A fun way for pre schoolers to learn about weight.

Fun with caterpillars

Bursting the cocoon! Caterpillar Fun

Three very hungry Caterpillars


Find out how caterpillars make cocoons  and why?

Wet or Dry


An introduction to the concept of wet and dry.


 Which materials are waterproof? Find out in this easy activity.



How do filters work? Make your own and find out.

If you enjoyed these fun preschool science activities, why not check out some of our other great experiments?

What are your favourite preschool science activities?

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