The MAD Blog Awards

One morning back in April or May, I woke up to an excited text message from Kerry, telling me we were finalists in the MAD Blog Awards. We did a lot of squealing on twitter and Facebook that day, especially when we realised we’d been nominated in two categories.

The awards are now just 2 days away and I’m feeling sad and excited at the same time. Excited because being finalists was recognition to Kerry and I that people like what we do, and that all our hard work has been worth it, and sad because Kerry cannot be there with me.

I ‘ve written this post in my head so many times, but it seems too self indulgent to write about how upset and angry I am with the situation when Kerry is the one who needs support.

I’m sure I will have a wonderful time on Friday night, but not a minute will go by without me wishing Kerry was there by my side.

Please don’t comment here, but go an leave a supportive comment on Kerry’s blog. I know each and every one is very much appreciated.

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  1. Actually Mummy...

    I think we will all be thinking of Kerry and wishing she was there. Don’t feel bad for feeling down about it, I’m sure she would understand, and I know I would feel the same in your shoes. If you need a hug on Friday you know where I am :)

  2. Kate Takes 5

    I will be leaving a message for Kerry too but just wanted to give you a hug too. Hope you have a wonderful time and I’m sure there will be a toast or two raised to your lovely partner in crime. x

  3. TheBoyandMe

    I will leave a message for Kerry, but I’m a bit stubborn. I also want to leave one for you because I know tonight will be diffiult. I’ll be thinking of her, and you, later and will definitely be giving you a big hug.

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