Salty dog

Have you heard about Salty Dog Snacks? Not only do they make great hand cooked crisps, but nuts and popcorn too.

Salty dog

I’m not normally a fan of nuts, but the salted cashews are amazing and the chilli peanuts great for munching on with friends. My husband likes his nuts simple and preferred the salted peanuts, but I loved the dry roasted ones too.

However my absolute favourite flavour is the honey roasted peanuts, they are delicious!

Salty Dog

Basically if you like nuts, try some Salty Dog nuts, and if you don’t like nuts try them anyway cause they really are yummy.

Salty Dog snacks are now available at Tesco

Make sure to check out the Salty Dog Facebook page where you can enter a great competition to win an iPhone.

You can also follow them on twitter.

This is an advertorial post.

Author: Emma Vanstone

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