Will you Hangout with us?

You might have spotted a few live Hangouts if you follow Science Sparks on Google +. I am planning to run them weekly over summer, and they will be advertised in advance.

I’ll be sharing the full schedule soon, as well as a list of what you’ll need to do each activity. I really want the Hangouts to be interactive and show the children doing an activity so you can see that things don’t always go to plan and hear the crazy questions we get asked.

Please do let me know if there is any activity or theme you would like to see featured, and I will do my best.

This is the first Hangout we did, I loved that we were outside having fun together, and it has even stayed in Little H’s mind as she was drawing lines down a cardboard box yesterday pretending they were liquids.

I would LOVE to see any videos you make of you or your children doing the activities from the Hangouts, or any activities from Science Sparks, if you post them to G+ tag Science Sparks and use #ScienceSparks I’ll make sure I share them.

I’ll also have some other blogs joining me, hopefully Red Ted ArtImagination TreeThinly Spread, Rainy Day Mum and Inspiration Laboratories. Fingers crossed it should be quite an exciting summer.

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