Autumn Estimating Jars

I LOVE Autumn. Z loves going exploring and numbers, so today we combined all three to make a fun maths activity for kids.

We set off exploring in the woods, collecting leaves, pinecones and chestnuts as we travelled.

Once back home we laid all our ‘treasure’ out to dry and came back to them the next day.

Autumn activities

What you need

  • A collection of leaves, pinecones, acorns or anything else you can count.
  • Different sized jars.



  • Look at all your object and jars and decide which you will put where.
  • Can you estimate how many of each item will fit in the different jars?
  • Are you right?
  • Can you draw a table to record your results?


More ideas

What are the biggest and smallest things you can fit in your jar?

Can you fill a jar with something and ask a friend to guess how many items are in it?




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