15 Science Experiments for Autumn and Fall

Autumn is such a great time of year, I love the colourful leaves underfoot and the first hint of winter. To celebrate the changing seasons I’ve pulled together a wonderful collection of fall science experiments. Find out why leaves change colour and make a lovely Autumn collage.

 Fall science experiments

Get messy with some fun Autumn Goo or make some Autumn Ice.

 Fall science experiments

Try some Apple Bobbing? Do you know why the apples keep popping up? Get your friends and family guessing with some lovely Autumn Estimating jars.


Find out why Hedgehogs hibernate.

You could get creative in the kitchen and explore changes of state with Toffee Apples or Treacle toffee.

Have some fun with pumpkins, or other winter vegetables.

You could make a magic potion.


If you’ve got apples to spare why not see if you can stop them rotting? Or even make some lovely Apple Cider.

Find out how tall a tree is without climbing it!

How tall is a tree

Do you know how to find out how old a tree is?

You could collect some pinecones and make a pinecone weather station.


What about doing some acorn matching and addition with Twinkl?


Finally, with Christmas just around the corner you could make some fun science kits to give as gifts, like this lava lamp kit.

science kit

Can you think of any more Fall Science Experiments?

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