Halloween Science Experiments

 Today Science Sparks brings you lots of fun and deliciously spooky Halloween Science Experiments. Some of these you might have seen recently and some are from last year, all are a lot of fun! Do let us know how you get on.

First up is how to make your own fake blood. This would be perfect to use with fancy dress costumes or just for some imaginary fun.

Then our spooky lava lamps. These are super simple to make, you could even add some glitter for a bit of sparkle.

Halloween Science

Followed by some creepy density. We had so much fun with this one, can you think of spooky things to float in the different levels.


Would you like to scare your friends with some spooky noises? Try this eerie sounds device, again this is very simply but very effective. Who would you like to scare?

Halloween science

We love goo or oobleck here at Science Sparks and this glow in the dark  version is especially cool, and a little spooky.

How about setting up a creepy Monster Tea Party, and learn about baking soda reactions at the same time?

Haloween Science

We even have some great ideas for learning as you carve a pumpkin.


You could learn about bones with this brilliant Funny Bones resource from Twinkl, or find out what your spine looks like with Science Sparks.


Finally, how about exploring magnetism with a spooky ghost?

See here for a more recent round up of even more fun Halloween Science

What are your favourite Halloween activities?


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  1. Jill

    These are fab! Will pin these for future reference as my son is a little young still but I’m sure they’ll be really popular for Halloweens to come!

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