Activity Ideas for Aliens LOVE Underpants

Our Aliens LOVE Underpants washing line from a few weeks ago was so much fun it led to lots of other Alien and Underpant themed ideas.

The washing line activity was designed to investigate how different materials absorb different amounts of water. We dipped different material pants into water and timed how long they took to stop dripping. It was also a perfect activity for learning how to design an investigation as a fair test.

Aliens Love Underpants sciecnce


Number Bond Pants

We practised number bonds to 10 by splitting cardboard pants into two and drawing the correct number of dots to make the number  on the pants.

Aliens LOVe Underpants activities


Catapulting Pants

We made catapulting pants using a lollystick catapult, cloth pants and pants drawn onto a ping pong ball. Which do you think travelled the furthest?

Catpulting pants

Investigation Ideas

  • Measure how far the catapult travels if you push it down as far as possible.
  • How could you measure how high they go?
  • Does a ping pong ball, paper or cloth pant travel the furthest? Why do you think this is?

 Remember when testing different pants you should use the same catapult and release the pants with the same force to make it a fair test.

  • What would happen if you made the pants lighter or heavier?

More Aliens LOVE Underpants Ideas

    • Try measuring pants
    • Counting pants
    • Matching pants
    • Draw symmetrical pants or symmetrical aliens. Use a mirror to make drawing them easier or to check the symmetry.


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    Can you think of any more ideas for us?

    Aliens LOVE Underpants activity ideas

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