Activity Ideas for Half Term

If you’ve just broken up from school for half term and need some ideas to keep the kids entertained, then look no further, we have 10 brilliant projects that will keep everyone busy for hours.

Have a viscosity race

Learn about viscosity with a fun viscosity race.


Make a superhero cape

Test different materials to discover which make the best superhero cape. What properties should a cape have?

Superhero cape Build a sweetie house

Build a house from candy, testing different materials to find the best ‘glue’ to stick everything together.

Make some Splatter Patterns

Fill water balloons with paint and water and drop from different heights to investigate how the splatter pattern changes. This is messy, but great fun.

Lego catapult

Can you design and construct a Lego catapult?

LEGO catapult

Make a wormery

Make your own wormery and learn about worms at the same time.

Make a balloon powered car

Can you make a balloon powered Lego car? Is there anything else you could use other than a balloon?

Balloon powered LEGO car

Egg rolling

Try some egg rolling and learn about friction at the same time.


Make a reusable volcano and erupt it with baking soda and vinegar.

How strong is an eggshell

Find out how strong an eggshell is in this easy activity.

Books on an egg


What’s your favourite science project for the holidays?

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