Adventures with Nature

Learning about science doesn’t have to be just about doing experiments. It can be as simple as looking in the garden for bugs.

You could:

  • take photos and try to identify the bugs from the photos.
  • count legs
  • look at colours
  • draw the bugs
  • compare the different places you find different bugs.
This is what happened when we searched the garden.

First we looked around,


and found our first bug!



Then we found a fly on an old frisbee.


Then there was much excitement over a bee!


Even very little people can join in.


Then we went on a bike ride to look further afield, and found a cow! This led to a long discussion about whether or not we could get milk from ‘ the things that dangled down’.


Children can have a brilliant time doing the simplest of activities, bug hunting was especially  great for me as all three children enjoyed it.

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  1. Ross Mannell

    It’s amazing just how effective a simple science lesson can be when we take the time to look around our own backyards with the eyes of a child and the experience of an adult.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)

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