Balloon Powered LEGO Car

Continuing with our Summer of LEGO, today we’re sharing this fun balloon powered LEGO car.

We added a section on the back of a LEGO car to hold a balloon, blew up the balloon and then watched  the car zoom along as the air came out of the balloon.

We need to spend a bit more time perfecting our design, but this was a good start and gave us lots of ideas going forward.

Balloon powered LEGO car

Do you think it would work better with a bigger or smaller balloon?

Balloon powered LEGO car

How to improve

Our car fell over quite a lot,  I think a lighter wider car would work better, as it would be more stable.

You could try placing a straw into the end of the balloon to make it easier to blow up each time.

Extension Activity

Design your LEGO car first using this FREE printable from Twinkl, thank about the features the car needs to work well, considering the points above.

Can you build your car following your design?

What would you change?


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