Candy sorting

In the UK we have some chocolate covered sweets called Revels. Inside each bag are different flavoured chocolates, maltesers, plain chocolate, coffee flavour, orange flavour, toffee and chocolate covered raisins. They seemed like the perfect thing to use for a candy sorting activity.

Sorting activity

I set the children the task of sorting them into the different flavours without eating them.

We talked about the different ways we could tell the difference between the chocolates. The first was how they looked, so we sorted by size.


We could easily find  the plain chocolates and raisin covered chocolate because of the distinctive shapes.

The Maltesers were also quite easy to spot as they were a little larger than the other round varieties.

The final three were more tricky. Z wanted to weigh them. They all weighed between 1 and 3 grams, so we sorted accordingly.

Not satisfied with this method, we accidentally found that they made different noises when dropped on the table. We decided that the heavier sounding drop was probably the toffee.


raisins weight

Once we had out 6 piles it was time to test.

The coffee, orange and toffee, were not very well sorted, but we’d had a really good go, and thought of some great sorting ideas along the way.


Would you have done anything different?

Can you think of any other candy we could sort?

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