Challenge from National Geographic

I spotted this brilliant challenge from National Geographic yesterday. My 7 year old was desperate to give it a go, even with the short timescale and I think he did a pretty good job.

We sat down together and discussed the design process, which is quite similar to how he has planned projects in the past at school.


To keep a camera safe from the jaws and paws of animals.

Zak first brainstormed his ideas and I wrote them down for him on a whiteboard.




Key points

  • Strong enough so the animal can’t squash it – Zak decided some kind of metal would be best
  • Still light enough to move on wheels.
  • Remote controlled so people don’t have to be too close to the animal.

This Zak’s remote control.



This is the camera container. At the last minute Zak added a smaller camera inside the container which he said could fly like a helicopter to take photos of tall animal like giraffes.

I think he did quite a good job for a first attempt.



What do you think? How would you make a camera container?

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