Changing colours of autumn

I love bright, beautiful autumn colours. The trees near our house have just started to change and I can’t wait to see their full vibrant red and yellow leaves in a few weeks time.

Why do leaves change colour in autumn?

This infographic from Forestry Commisson England explains brilliantly.



Some trees stay green all year round, we call these Evergreen trees, these keep their leaves all winter and so still need the chlorophyll to make energy. Leaves on Evergreen trees are usually smaller and often have a waxy layer which helps prevent water loss in the winter, they also produce a chemical which stops them from freezing.

Forestry Commission, England have some giant looms in their forests this autumn, find out more here and don’t forget to to download their FREE autumn activity pack too.

We made a mini loom to hold the leaves we’ve been collecting so far, but I can’t wait to visit our local forest and find a giant one!

How to make a mini weaving loom

What you need

4 small sticks

Thick string


weaving loom


Place the sticks into a square shape and use the string to tie each corner tightly.

Wrap the string around two sides tightly and tie the ends.

Thread some leaves through the string.

More autumn activity ideas

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