Christmas Challenge – A Sleigh For Santa

Can you make a sleigh for Santa which moves down a ramp without force being applied?

Christmas Science Challeng

I set my 5 year old the challenge above this morning and this is what she came up with.

We did encounter a few issues with the first design. The sleigh wouldn’t slide down the ramp party because of the friction from the carpet and partly because of the friction from the elastic band on the base.

How to make a sleigh

We decided we needed to make the bottom smoother so covered it with sellotope.

how to make a Santa Sleigh

This time it worked perfectly on both the carpet surface of the ramp and smooth surface.

We also found that if we added sellotape to the Playmobil Reindeers feet he slid down easily too!


See here for more fun friction experiments. What would you use to make your sleigh?

Our fantastic friction ramp was kindly donated by The Consortium

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