Christmas Flowers – Transpiration Activity

We’ve done a few transpiration activities before, and if you followed our Spectacular Summer Science  series you might remember I struggled to get the flowers to change colour with natural food colourings. I was so disappointed as this activity is such a great way to learn about transpiration.

The lovely Lindy from Squidgyboo came to my rescue, bringing me some non natural food colouring back from America. It worked a treat!

What do you think of our Christmassy Carnations?

learn about Transpiration


For a full explanation see our first transpiration post.

learn about transpiration

How to make Christmas Flowers

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  1. S O

    Make sure your flowers are healthy and in an early budding state to ensure saturation. Other general tips are to ensure hydration and trim the stem a bit during the process.

    Also consider dying colored flowers or composing your own dyes for interesting results.

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