Christmas Optical Illusion

We’ve had a lot of fun today making Christmas versions of our Optical Illusion. What do you think of our Christmas Tree? Just roll the pencil between your hands to see the decorations appear on the tree.

optical illusion

What you need:

  • white cardboard
  • pencils and colouring pens
  • scissors
  • glue/sellotape


  • Cut out two shapes from a sheet of white cardboard.
  • Draw whatever you want, if you don’t fancy a Christmas tree how about a fireplace on one side and presents on the other, or Santa on one side and a chimney on the other?
  • Glue or sellotape a pencil in between the two pictures.
  • Hold the pencil between your palms and rub your hands to make the picture spin around.


The Science bit

This is the same concept used for making cartoons, still pictures are moved very quickly to create an illusion of movement.

If you design your own optical illusion we’d love to see it.


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