Christmas Shooters

We’ve made shooters before to explore aerodynamics  and trajectory, they’re super easy to make and great fun, especially when made to look Christmassy.

This is another great activity to practice learning about experimental design too.

What you need

Straws – maybe different sizes

Christmas coloured paper/wrapping paper


Things to think about

Do your shooters need to be the same size? Could you try different sizes?

What happens if you blow harder or use a thicker straw?


Roll your paper around the straw and sellotape it up, you’ll need to seal one end as well.

Place the shooter over the straw and blow through the straw.

How about making a target and turning it into a game to practice adding up? Or you could make a hoop and try to get the trajectory just right for the shooter to pass through the hoop.

To learn about aerodynamics and trajectory see here.

We’ve got lots more fun Christmas science ideas in this post and even have a Christmas ebook available for FREE!!!

Christmas Science


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