Christmassy Science – Week 1

I’m not sure how it’s December 1st today, how did that happen? I’m sure time goes faster each year. I do however have a fun collection of science activities to make the run up to Christmas and beyond even more fun than usual! I’ve split them into three posts to make them more manageable. As usual they all use materials you probably already have at home and don’t require any specialist equipment.

Day 1 – Snowman Catapult

This easy snowman catapult is made with lolly sticks and elastic bands. You can see a video showing how to make a lollystick catapult here.

Use this to learn about:

  • Force and trajectory.
  • Measuring distances.
  • Counting snowmen.

Snowman catapult


Day 2 – Find the Jingle Bells

Have easy sensory fun with our Find the Jingle Bells activity.

Use this to practice:

  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • Fine motor skills

Christmas fine motor


Day 3 – Oil and Water

Investigate why oil and water don’t mix with this fun activity from Inspiration Laboratories.

Use this to learn about:

  • Density
  • Emulsifiers

oil and water experiment


Day 4 – Will it Sink?

Make fun Christmas themed boats to investigate sinking and floating.

Learn about:

  • Sinking and floating
  • Density

Christmas Boats


Day 5 – Christmas Food Chains

Invent your own crazy Christmas food chains and discover some real ones too with these easy food chains.

Use this to learn about:

  • Food chains


Reindeer food chain

Day 6 – Make Santa a sleigh

Can you make a sleigh for Santa that will move down a carpeted ramp without any force being applied?

Use this to learn about:

  • Friction
  • An iterative design process

How to make a sleigh

Day 7 – How strong is your gingerbread house

Build and test gingerbread houses for strength.

Use this to learn about:

  • Setting up an investigation correctly.
  • Properties of materials

gingerbread house

Don’t forget to pop back next week for more Christmassy Science ideas and if you’re looking for a wonderful Christmassy day out, we’d definitely recommend Lapland UK.

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