Coding for kids – mapping a route

Continuing with our coding for kids series, I have a fun activity that’s not only lots of fun, but perfect for helping improve logic skills.

We used masking tape to draw some obstacles on the floor and an end point, blindfolded one child and asked another to direct them to the end point.

An example set of instructions would be:

Move Forward 4 steps

Take 4 side steps to the left

Walk forward 1 step

coding for kids

Points to consider

How long is each step?

Do you need to work out how long each person’s step is before starting?

How can you instruct people to turn? Do they know left from right?


Try this activity using one instruction at a time, then try two and three and so on. Can the blindfolded person remember the instructions?

Do you need to amend the second instruction depending on the outcome of the first? Or can you successfully give more than one instruction at a time.

When we write code for a computer we’re basically giving the computer a set of instructions to carry out. The computer carries these out very quickly, and has to take into account the result of the previous instructions like we did with our instructions.

More about this coming soon.

coding for kids

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