Crack the code to find the eggs

I set up an Easter egg hunt every year and each time the kids find the eggs within five minutes, so this year I made it a little harder by asking the children to crack a code to tell them where the next egg would be.

Easter codes



I made a separate card for each egg using a different code to write the clue.

Examples of Codes

Replace each letter with  a number corresponding to its place in the alphabet.

Reverse the Alphabet ( Z becomes A, A becomes Z etc )

Move each letter one along ( A becomes B )

Move each letter 2 places along ( A becomes C )

Write in invisible ink

Write in white crayon on white paper so the children have to find a way to reveal the clue ( colour over the writing with a different colour crayon )

Replace each letter with a symbol

Make a code


Can you think of any more codes?

This activity is a lot of fun and great for improving logic skills.

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