Design a cardboard kitchen

Right at the beginning of summer we designed and then constructed a cardboard kitchen.

First we thought about the features we needed to include by looking at our own kitchen and considering what we thought were the most important features.

  • An area for the hob
  • Tall enough to stand at comfortably
  • An area to rest plates
  • Kitchen cloth holder

Then we thought about what materials we would use

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Kitchen roll holder
  • Scissors
  • Pens
  • Pots and Pans
  • Sellotape to hold it together

My 7 year old drew a rough design labelling parts and then we set about constructing it. What do you think?

Cardboard kitchen


This is the cleverly kitchen roll holder. We had to use the straw to strength the design.

How to make a cardboard kitchen


Once we were finished we wrote down all the changes we made, mostly just the addition of the straw and thought of improvements for next time.

How to improve

Sellotape isn’t very pretty looking so we’d like to find an alternative.

The girls wanted a cupboard or some drawers, but we need to work out how to add these without weakening the whole structure.

cardboard kitchen

We’ve also got a fun printable for you use to draw your designs.

Kitchen Design Planning Sheet 

This activity is great for:

Key stage 1 Design and Technology

Improving skills, knowledge and understanding of an iterative design process.


Allowing children to design a purposeful, functional and appealing product for themselves and others.

Generating and developing ideas


Selecting appropriate tools and equipment.


Exploring and evaluating existing products and using features of those in their design.

Testing their ideas.

Possibly using mechanisms such as levers and sliders.



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