Doctor Role Play Activities

My little girls love to play Doctor Role Play games which has led to lots of fun learning opportunities. These are our favourite ideas.

Keep notes

I bought a cheap little notebook for the girls to write their doctor notes in.

Learn about the body

If you have a big piece of paper or cardboard, get the children to draw around themselves, they can then measure arms and legs, label body parts or even draw in organs. This is a great way for children to learn where different body parts are, and you can make it as complicated or as simple as appropriate. If you don’t have a big sheet of paper how about encouraging the ‘doctor’ to draw a body  on a blackboard, clipboard or whiteboard when assessing their patients.

Learn about the body

Listen to your heart beat, by making your own Stethoscope.

Children testing a stethoscope

Make a model of your brain using playdough.

Model Brain

Have some fun finding out how strong your bones are.

Learn all about your lungs with this fake lung experiment.

Stay Healthy

Learn about keeping your hands clean with this fun glitter activity.

hand washing

For older children

Investigate your heart rate, by recording your pulse rate at rest then doing some exercise and measuring it again.

heart rate

Other Ideas

You could use some coloured stickers for patient rewards and practice colour recognition with younger children.

We love this DIY plaster cast post from The Imagination Tree.


These Doctor Role Play Resources from Twinkl are brilliant. We particulary like the patient detail forms and prescription sheet. They’ve been brilliant for inspiring lots of great writing from my girls.

Twinkl Doctor Surgery

Can you think of any more ideas?




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