Dough Universe – Bright Creatures Kit

People often ask me for STEM ideas for Children’s birthday and Christmas gifts and the kit I always recommend first is the Electro-Dough kit from Technology Will Save Us. It’s easy to use, a great price and provides endless creative learning opportunities. Two years ago I helped my daughter’s infant school get a grant for science equipment and one of the best things we spent the money on was a classroom Electro-Dough kit. The children LOVED it and some of their creations were amazing. The children were Year 1 at the time, yet grasped the concept of a circuit very quickly thanks to the hands on approach the Electro-Dough kit allows.

Bright Creatures Kit

I’ve been admiring the products from TWSU ever since and couldn’t wait to try the new Dough Universe range. There are three dough Universe products:  Bright Creatures Kit, Techno Sounds Kit and the Electro Machines Kit. Each kit comes with an app providing instructions to get you started. The Techno Sounds Kit allows you to make working electrical instruments using play dough,  the Electro Machines Kit creates figures that rotate and spin round and Bright Creatures Kit lights play dough creations up!

Each kit teaches the basics of electrical circuits in a fun and imaginative manner. They are perfect for younger children as they are very easy to use. You don’t need to worry about batteries or wires and the results are instant.

Bright Creatures Kit

The Bright Creatures kit comes with 6 shaped LED light helpers, 3 pots of dough and a smart controller. If you run out of dough or want more colours you can buy extra dough from the TWSU website.

Bright Creatures Kit from TWSU


The brightly coloured story book app guides children through the process of creating a circuit and includes over 30 project ideas. Younger children can start with simple circuits while older children can create parallel or series circuits featuring whatever wacky creations they want. The possibilities are endless.

My 7 year old made a sea monster which lights up. She realised that the more LED light helpers she used the less bright they were.

Bright Creatures Kit from TWSU

My 9 year old made these light up snails which she said are kissing the smart controller 🙂

Bright Creatures Kit from TWSU


The best thing about these kits is that they don’t get used up, you can come back to them again and again creating something different every time. At £39.99 it’s not cheap, but the quality is amazing, you won’t be sorry you bought it. The kits are the perfect way to introduce kids to the fundamentals of electricity, and how amazing for children as young as 4 to have a basic grasp of a tricky subject.

Thank you to TWSU for sending us the wonderful Bright Creatures kit to try out.

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    I would make a light up butterfly. Or maybe an arrow that lit up pointing the way to a chore chart for the kids to see how to earn some money around the house LOL.

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