Dough Universe – Reindeer Tutorial

We were recently sent the wonderful Bright Creatures Kit from Technology Will Save Us. After exploring the possibilities using the app included we set about making our own creations. Our current favourite is these flashing reindeers.

How to make flashing reindeer noses

You’ll need

LED Light Helper and Bright Creatures Kit

Brown, black, white and red play dough


  1. Use your play dough to make a reindeer. Leave the nose off for now. You’ll also need two strips of play dough.

Bright Creatures - Tutorial

  1. Place one straight LED light helper onto your reindeer’s face where you want the nose to be.

Bright Creatures - Tutorial


  1. Connect the LED light helper to your smart controller using strips of play dough. The + end of the LED light helper should connect to the + on the smart controller.

Bright Creatures - Tutorial


  1. Turn the smart controller on and check the LED lights up.
  2. Place a thin circle of red play dough over the LED.

Bright Creatures - Tutorial

  1. Watch your reindeer flash.

Bright Creatures - Tutorial

Extension Idea

Try to make a circuit with two reindeers connected in series.

Bright Creatures - Tutorial

Watch how it’s done


Thank you to Techology Will Save Us for sending us this awesome kit

light up reindeer noses

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