Easter STEM Challenges

Easter is fast approaching, so it seems like the perfect time to try some Easter STEM Challenges. We’ve been busy testing these for you over the last couple of weeks and would LOVE to see your creations if you try any, so do share photos with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Easter STEM Challenges

Eggy Zip Wire

Can you build a harness to transport an egg down a zip wire? This is a great activity for learning about friction, try changing the type of string used to make the zip wire  to investigate.

STEM Challenge Eggy zip Wire

Save the Egg

Can you wrap an egg so well that it survives a drop down the egg chute?

Egg Chute - Easter STEM Challenge

What does it weigh

How many plastic eggs weigh as much as a chocolate egg? You could try measuring eggs too, how much bigger do you think a big egg is than a small egg?

Weigh the Easter Egg


Magnet Powered Egg Cars

Put a magnet inside a plastic egg and use magnet power to make a car move.

STEM Challenge magnet cars


Eggy Toothpick Towers

Can you build a tower strong enough to support an egg using just toothpicks and plasticine?

egg toothpick towers

Catapult an Egg

Can you build a lollystick catapult to catapult a plastic egg? We’ve been making egg shaped targets to shoot the eggs through too!

Easter Catapult

More Easter STEM Challenge Ideas

The Educator’s Spin On It shows you how to build egg towers.

Inspiration Laboratories has a fun launching eggs activity.

How many helium balloons would it take to lift an empty egg and then an egg with something inside?

Can you hide different objects inside plastic eggs and ask a friend if they can guess what’s inside by the noise it makes?

We’ve got lots more fun Easter science ideas here too!

Can you think of any more egg themed STEM challenges?


Easter STEM Challenges

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