Easy Christmassy Science- Week 2

Did you try any of our easy Christmas science activity ideas last week? Are you ready for more?

Day 8

First up is this fun STEM Challenge helping the elves make a pulley so lifting Christmas presents is easier.

Elf Pulley


Day 9

Introduce the concept of chemical reactions with this fizzy elf lab, this was a big hit at a school Christmas fair recently.

You could experiment using different amounts of baking soda and vinegar to find the perfect fizzy combination!

fizzy elf lab

Day 10

Warm up the cold evenings with some easy hot chocolate investigations, how would you make the marshmallows melt the faster?

Day 11

How about a Christmassy LEGO maze? This is great for practising design skills. You could even make a magnet version.

Christmas LEGO maze

Day 12

Have you made a lava lamp before? These fun Christmas versions are some of our favourites. Could you make a green elf lava lamp?

Christmas lava lamps

Day 13

Inspiration Laboratories has some more fun, fizzy science ideas.

fizzy science

Day 14

Last up for this week is this brilliant candy cane themed sensory tray from Imagination Tree. Why not combine it with our candy cane goo for a candy cane themed afternoon?

candy cane sensory

Don’t forget to pop back for more easy Christmas Science next week.

If you’re still looking for Christmas gifts, check our our STEM stocking filler ideas too!

Easy Christmas Science

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