Christmas Fair Game Ideas

Science based games can be a great fun and educational addition to a school fair, we added a Christmas twist to some old favourites for a stall at our local school last weekend which the children loved!

Christmas Fair Game Ideas

Lava Lamp

The downside of a lava lamp is the cost of alka seltzer and because it contains asprin, must be closely supervised at all times, but they are easy to set up, reusable and great fun to watch.

If being used a lot, they do take a while to calm down so you might need a spare on standby!

Christmas lava lamps


Optical Illusion

You can change these slightly depending on the style of the stall, we needed a fast turn around so used a printable kindly designed by Twinkl and had double sided tape already on the back of one side so all the children needed to do was place a straw in the middle and stick it together.

If you wanted to use these on a craft stall you could leave one side blank so the children could design Christmas tree decorations or the snowman’s face themselves.

Optical illusion


Candy Cane Goo

This is another inexpensive and easy activity, all you need is some cornflour, water, peppermint essence and red food colouring to make a lovely Christmassy smelling gloop.

I asked the children to use chunky tweezers which I bought from Learning Resources to pick 3 marbles from the goo ( which was harder than it looked as it was sticky and slippy at the same time ) and drop them into the muffin sorting tins. This was a very popular activity and great for improving fine motor control skills.

Christmas Goo

Help the elves find their Jingle Bells

This activity uses small bells and shaving foam, the idea is that the children use tweezers to rescue the jingle bells.

Christmas fine motor

Make a fizzy elf lab

We had great fun at our last fair with this fizzy elf lab too.

fizzy elf lab


As well as getting to try a fun science activity I also gave children a couple of candy canes and a raffle ticket for a giveaway of some brilliant science kits from InterPlay and beautiful magazines from Okido.



Other ideas

How about some Christmas scented play dough.

Christmas scented play dough

Or some colourful Christmas candy experiments? All you need for this one are some skittles or M & M’s and some warm water.

We’ve also got more great ideas in our Christmas Science eBook.

Huge thanks to InterPlay and Okido for the donations.

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Christmas Fair Game Ideas


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