Easy LEGO Filter

I’ve often wished we had a big LEGO vacuum cleaner that sucked up and sorted LEGO, our collection is very mixed up in a large box under my 7 year olds bed. So today we set about making a  LEGO filter. This is our first attempt and does need a little refining…

First we looked around the house to see if we already had anything that would work as a filter, all our colanders and sieves were too small, so we used a cardboard box to make our own. One side is for the small square brick with 4 nobbles and the other the rectangle brick with 8 nobbles.

What do you think?



Next Steps

We need sharper scissors or a craft knife to make the holes neater and more of them.

A second filter layer with smaller holes again would filter out smaller bricks, hopefully leaving behind mostly the size we wanted.

LEGO Filter

Can you think of anything else we could do to improve our filter?

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