Easy Magnetic Cars – Sugru Hack

Have you heard of Sugru? It’s a brilliant mouldable glue that feels like play dough but acts like super glue and sticks to wood, plastic, glass, metal, ceramic and even fabric. It’s also dishwasher proof, saltwater proof, electrically insulating and is available in lots of different colours so you can match it with whatever you are fixing or creating.

Sugru LEGO Wall

I have tried several times to make a LEGO wall, the first time I used velcro which stuck for a short time, but couldn’t hold much weight, the second time I tried very strong double sided tape which also didn’t work. This time I tried Sugru, and it worked!! All three of my children have played with the board and it’s still stuck to the wall, I am VERY impressed. Now I just need to find a bigger wall and use more base plates.

Sugru LEGO hack

Easy Magnetic Cars

 Next up are these super easy magnetic cars, all you need is a toy car, Sugru and two magnets.

sugru hack

Simply use the Sugru to attach a magnet to a car and then use a second magnet to move the car along without the magnets touching.


  • Race a friend to the finish line, we drew a race track on a large sheet of paper and raced each other.

magnetic cars

  • Time how long it takes your car to cover a set distance, can you improve on this time by using the magnets in different ways? Try on the top of the magnet, to the front and behind. Which works the best?

This video shows the cars in action, we love them!


It was only after we made the cars that we spotted you can buy a Sugru magnet kit as well! How fab is that?

Sugru is also available from Halfords 

Thanks to Sugru for sending us a sample



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