Easy rainbow activity for preschoolers

This is a super simple craft activity to demonstrate to preschoolers how rainbows form.

I cut out a cloud shape, sun and a square for rain then asked my daughter to thread some fluffy wool around the cloud, she then coloured some small pegs, one for each colour of the rainbow and attached them to the cloud in the right order.

I wanted to demonstrate that sunlight and rain are needed for a rainbow to form.

rainbows for preschoolers


I then asked her to draw her own rainbow and we attached the clips again, just because it’s fun and good for hand strength.

Easy rainbow activity for preschoolers

Another easy rainbow activity for very young children is looking for rainbows in bubbles. This could be extended by trying to make different shaped bubbles using shaped bubble wands and observing how the bubbles are always a sphere even if the wand is square.

Did you know?

Visible Light from the sun is known as white light. It contains a range of colours all with different wave lengths.These colour are

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and violet

When the white light shines through the film of the bubble, the light is dispersed, splitting white light into its different wave length so we can see all the colours!

Extension activities

How to make a rainbow

Make a rainbow with a hosepipe on a sunny day, find rainbows in bubbles or use a prism.

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