Easy STEM Challenges

Here at Science Sparks we love easy STEM challenges. Not only are they great fun but also a wonderful opportunity for children to work together in a hands-on, collaborative and creative manner to solve a problem.

If you want to make a task more challenging try limiting the materials children have access or setting a time limit.

Easy STEM Challenges

STEM Challenges for 3-5 year olds

Make a rocket mouse.

rocket mouse

Investigate which objects float from a selection.

Extra challenge – build a boat from plasticine 

Create a LEGO tower using one hand. Find three different ways to measure the height of the tower.

Build a tower with blocks and lollysticks.

Create a stick man using sticks and leaves.

STEM Challenges for 6-8 year olds

Build a raft – for older children specify a particular weight the raft should hold.

Extra challenge – build a raft using three different materials, find a way to move the raft over water.

make a raft

Create a LEGO marble maze.

Find a way to measure how much rain falls over a period of time.

Create a landing pad for a water balloon so it doesn’t break.

water balloon challenge

Build a magnet powered car.

magnetic cars

Build a castle with a working drawbridge.

Find way to make a toy car move without touching it.

STEM Challenges for 9+

Build a catapult using lollysticks.

Design a paper spinner which takes more than 10 seconds to reach the ground.

Blow up a balloon without touching it – try baking soda and vinegar or alka seltzer.

Blow up a balloon with baking soda and vinegar


Design and build a water slide using kitchen foil.

Find a way to stand on paper cups without breaking them.

stand on paper cups without breaking them

Design a pylon system using pipe cleaners and straws.

Pylon system


Can you think of  any more STEM challenges for us?

Easy STEM challenges

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