Edible Butterfly Life Cycle

This fun and creative activity helps children visualise the life cycle of a butterfly by encouraging them to think of edible items to represent each stage of the cycle.

Egg – caterpillar – chrysalis – butterfly

edible life cycle

How to make an edible butterfly life cycle

What you’ll need

Marshmallows, yoghurt raisins – eggs

Sweet Caterpillars, spring onion – caterpillars – you could use two different sizes here to show how the caterpillar grows.

Liquorice, long marshmallows, physalis – chrysalis.

Pasta bows, orange segments – butterfly

Paper plate


Look at all the items you have available and find the best match for each life cycle stage.

Place the items in the correct order on a paper plate and add arrows to show the direction of change.

Ask a friend if they can tell what each stage represents.

Caterpillars often shed their skin and eat lots of leaves, can you add these stages into your life cycle.

Extension ideas

Can you make a fruit version of the butterfly life cycle?

butterfly life cycle

Can you create an edible lifecycle for a frog or ant.

Butterfly wings are symmetrical; can you draw a symmetrical butterfly?

Suitable for Key Stage 2 Science

Living Things and their Habitats

Edible Butterfly Life cycle

This activity was first featured in Primary Science magazine from the ASE. Members can download content for free, including lots more activities like this one.

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