STEM Challenge – Transport an egg down the zip wire

Our next egg STEM challenge for Easter is to build a harness to safely transport a small egg down a zip wire. Once you’ve built a suitable harness for a chocolate egg, you could try a real egg ( maybe boil it first ) and test to see if your harness works for that too.

EGG STEM Challenge



What you’ll need

String, wire or wool

Pipe cleaners and straws

Plastic eggs/chocolate eggs/eggs



This is another great activity for learning about setting up an investigation as a fair test.

Easter Zip Wire

First you need to think about the potential variables 

Type of zip wire

Incline of zip wire

Weight of egg

Type of harness

To test one variable, all the others must remain the same each time you test. For example, to investigate whether the weight of the egg changes how long it takes to travel down the zip wire, keep the type of wire, incline and harness exactly the same and change ONLY the weight of the egg. We usually repeat each test 3 times and calculate the average time.

Once you’ve identified the variables, choose one to test. If you want to investigate how the material the zip wire is made from affects the speed the egg travels down the wire, you’ll need to use the same harness, same egg and have the zip wire at the same incline when you test each type of zip wire.

Things to think about

Friction – we found our egg took longer to travel down a zip wire made with rough string than smooth wire, this is because there was more friction between the rough string and harness than smooth string and harness.

Extension Task

Try a harness made using a segment of straw running over the zip wire. The inside of a straw is smooth meaning there shouldn’t be much friction between the straw and wire.

Easter Zip Wire


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