The Energy Show – Science Museum

Over the Easter holidays we were invited to watch The Energy Show at the Science Museum. The show promised excitement, explosions and loud bangs. It did not disappoint. The acting was brilliant, and the story kept all three of my children engaged throughout. Methane bubbles were set alight to make fireballs, flowers frozen using liquid nitrogen, hydrogen bubbles exploded and rockets blasted into the audience. Everyone, myself included was mesmerised from beginning to end.

The plot is based around two futuristic science students, who helped by the silent but ever helpful Bernard and virtual assistant i-nstein race against time to demonstrate all forms of energy  in less than five minutes with hilarious incidents and even a little romance along the way.

The energy show is aimed at children 7+, but my 5 and 3 year old were entranced, although a little scared by the loud bangs, but they haven’t stopped talking about the show since, and seem especially fascinated by the frozen flowers! If the show is coming anywhere near you, and you have a child even slightly interested in science, I would definitely recommend taking them.

The Energy Show is touring around the country until August. Tickets available for £9.50 per child, £13.50 per adult.

We were given a family ticket to The Energy Show at the Science Museum

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