Evaporation and the water cycle

A few weeks ago when we had a brief hot spell, we added water to some sand and left it outside to see what would happen. 

Sand with water

Within 36 hours the water had disappeared!

sand with evaporated water

What do you think happened?

The water evaporated because of the heat from the sun. Evaporation is when a liquid vaporises.

Many factors affect evaporation, but the main driving force is solar energy from the sun.

Evaporation is an important part of the water cycle

Make a Mini Water Cycle, Science Sparks

Condensation – this is when a gas turns back into a liquid. The water vapour in the air gets cold and turns back into a liquid to form clouds.

Precipitation – this is when so much water condenses that the clouds get heavy and water falls back to earth as rain ( or snow ).

Collection – this is when rain collects in rivers and oceans, and the cycle starts again.

Try pouring a cold drink into a glass on a hot day, notice what happens on the side of the glass. What do you think this is an example of?

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  1. Ticia

    Back when I was teaching we had a whole song about the water cycle. I’m thinking your idea of a hot spell is not quite the same as ours here though……

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

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