Experiment Printables

Printable Experiment Sheets for Key Stage 1 Science and Early Years Science

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Download our Space Science Activities here.

Space Science Activities

You can also download our challenge cards for use on activity tables. Each one states the aim of the challenge with extension ideas to keep everyone busy.

Paper Spinners

Making Craters

Make a parachute

Squeezy Bottle Rocket

Save the Astronauts’ Cutlery


How to make a Rain Gauge

 The Body

How to make a Stethoscope

Fingerprint Experiment

Stethoscope and Fingerprint Activity Sheet

Muffling sound experiment

Forces and Magnets

Jumping Frogs

Ramps and gradients

Science and Literacy

Filter Paper Letters


KS1 Coding Club Plan

Just for Fun

Gingerbread house


Ice Decorations

Optical Illusion

Early Finisher Tasks

Science themed boredom busters

Christmas Science Experiments

Chrstmas Lava Lamp Printable

Design and Technology

Make a cardboard kitchen design sheet


Experiment printables

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