Experiments you can make fly

Everyone loves a craft or toy that flies. We were recently sent this brilliant Sonic Booma from Wicked, we found it a bit tricky initially but once you get the hang of it, it works brilliantly and the whistle warms passers-by it’s coming! You can even get a glow in the dark version, which sounds amazing. It made me think back to all our flying experiments, so I put together a collection of my favourites.

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Experiments you can make fly

Squeezy Bottle Rocket

Learn about Newton’s Third Law with this easy squeezy bottle rocket.

Film Canister Rockets

We love these exploding chalk rockets from Growing a Jewelled Rose, or try our slightly less colourful version.

film canister rocket

Paper Aeroplanes

Tinkerlab makes some brilliant paper aeroplanes. Try having a competition to see who can get their plane to fly the furthest. This is great for a bit of measuring practice too.

Straw Rockets

These easy straw rockets are super simple to make and fly brilliantly well.

straw rocket

Paper and Straw Aeroplanes

Red Ted Art has some brilliant paper and straw aeroplanes, these look very easy to make. You could even try making a giant version!

Paper Spinners

We loved these paper spinners, try making big ones, little ones and even tiny ones to see which drop the fastest.

Easy Paper Spinners

Bottle Rocket

Last but not least try a bottle rocket, if you don’t want to build your own you can get a great bottle rocket kit from The Consortium.




Here at Science Sparks we are passionate about getting kids outdoors away from screens. We’re always on the look out for fun garden toys which don’t take up too much room, and are currently loving the Sky Spinner as well as the Sonic Booma from Wicked. The Sky Spinner can reach an amazing 500 revs per minute, that’s a lot more spinning than our paper spinner! We’re busy learning tricks, so watch out for some cool videos coming soon.

Sky Spinner


We were sent the Sky Spinner and Sonic Booma free of charge.

experiments you can make fly



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