Exploring forces with bubble wrap

We’ve done a couple of simple activities based around forces recently, so when a sheet of bubble wrap arrived in a parcel I knew just how to use it.

We laid the sheet out flat on the floor, and talked about what we wanted to investigate and what we expected to happen.

Ideas for investigation

  • Can you walk over the bubble wrap gently enough so the bubbles don’t pop?
  • Is the result the same for a heavier and lighter person.
  • Do the bubbles pop if you jump?
  • If you jump harder do they pop more loudly?
  • What if you drop a light and a heavy ball onto the bubble wrap.
  • Can you think of a way to measure the loudness of the popping? What about asking a friend to stand in a different room and see if they can hear the popping under different conditions.
  • Can you design a table to record your results?

Can you think of any more ideas?


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  1. Pinkoddy

    I have a load of bubble wrap from a package at the weekend and a poorly boy off school so think we will do this. Also if it makes a different sound if we do it with our hands or our feet. Thank you for sharing.

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