Making and Filtering Potions

Last year we went to the Eden Project in Cornwall where they had a wonderful Room on the Broom tent full of fun witchy activities. My girls loved making potions full of brightly coloured glitter and lovely smelling herbs.

Back at home my 5 year old wanted to add water to make a ‘proper potion’ but before we did that we tried some filtering to separate the herbs from the glitter.

Filtering experiments

What you need


Different sized sieves

A mixture of some kind ( use your imagination )


Look at your mixture and think about the size sieve you will need to separate it.

Filtering Experiments

Pour the mixture through the sieve with the biggest holes, does any separation occur?

Try again with the smaller sieves until you’ve separated your mixture.

Filtering Experiments


Filtering Experiments

Other Separating/Filtering Experiments

Filter water using sand and stones and see if you can make it cleaner or try using kitchen roll as a filter.

How about making your own filters to separate a mixture of toys.

Can you make your own mixtures?

Or try some Chromatography

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