Fruity Boats

The weather has just started to warm up in the UK, so we’ve given our water table a good clean and started to think of some new games to play.

What do you think of our Fruity Boats?


What you need

  • Lemons, limes, melon or anything else with a thick skin.
  • Small sticks – we used cake pop sticks
  • Paper to make sails
  • Double sided tape – for the sails.


  • Hollow out the fruit, I managed to cut the lemon and lime so we could still use them.
  • Decide how to cut the fruit to make the best shaped boat.
  • If the skin is thick enough, stick the stick into the flesh, else use a bit of play doh to keep it secure.
  • Add your sail and see if it floats.

We found our thin melon rind didn’t float at all, but the larger one did, the lemons and limes all floated well too.

Fruity boats

Extension activity

If you add more weight do the boats still float or sink?

Can you predict which boats will sink and which float before putting them on the water? Make a table to show your results.

What happens if you blow the boats? Can you have a race with a friend?

How can you make the boat change direction?

Suitable for Key Stage 1

Everyday Materials

Describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials

Working Scientifically

Observing closely, using simple equipment

Performing simple tests

Using their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions

Suitable for Early Learning Goal 16

Exploring and using media and materials

Safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function.


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