Fun Easter Science Experiments

We’ve just broken up for the Easter holidays and I have big plans for lots of fun Easter Science Experiments while everyone is off school. Here are some old favourites, new ideas from us and some great activities from other bloggers too.

Egg Experiments

Build a vehicle to save an egg in a collison. We used K’nex, but you could use LEGO or even wrap the egg in different materials and drop it from a height.

crash test eggs

Find out how to make an unbreakable egg. This involves a bit of science trickery, but is great fun to impress your friends.

Try an egg drop experiment, we made ours Humpty Dumpty themed.



Did you know you can make an egg bounce

egg with no shell

Roll eggs down a ramp wrapped in different materials to see how each affects the speed of the egg. This is a great activity for learning to think scientifically. Remember to keep the gradient and length of the ramp the same for each test.

Easter science

Can you remove the shell from an egg without touching it?

Make a very cool spider egg in this clever activity from JDaniel4’s Mum.

How about making an egg shrink, expand and even squirt water? This is a great activity for learning about a principe called osmosis.

osmosis egg

How many books can you balance on eggshells?

Watch as an egg drops into a jar in this fun air pressure experiment

Can you make an egg float?

Watch egg white transform as you whisk it up to make meringue


Try dropping eggs using one of these great egg drop ideas from Inspiration Laboratories.

Fun with chocolate eggs

Do you have an Easter egg mould? How about learning about melting and changes of state by making your own chocolate Easter Eggs.

Practice drawing maps and map reading by hiding eggs and marking their location on a map.

Make up some codes and get children to decipher them to find eggs or Easter treats, you could even get the children to create their own codes.

  Easter codes

Easter themed Chemistry

These Egg Geodes look AMAZING from Tinkerlab.

Watch our fun fizzy, frozen eggs melt and fizz.

egg experiments

Fun at Home with the Kids has some brilliant magic eggs for even more fizzy fun.

How about making decorating egg shaped filter papers using chromatography?

Have you ever tried making your own scratch art paper? We loved making these egg scratch art pictures.

scratch art eggs

Easter Gifts

We love these play dough surprise eggs from The Imagination Tree. Play dough is brilliant for exploring forces with little ones, can you push, pull and stretch the play dough?


More Easter science ideas

Work on those all important fine motor skills with some chick sorting.

easter chick sorting


Dye some egg shells and make a pretty picture in this fun activity from Rainy Day Mum.

How about hiding some small Easter treats in plastic eggs and trying to guess what is hidden in each by shaking the eggs and listening to the sound made.

Easter Science

Can you rescue the chicks from the ice? Try using warm water and salt to see which works best.

Frozen chicks

Do you have any more ideas for us?

easter science experiments

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