Fun Sparks: Bursting the cocoon! Caterpillar Fun.

The transformation from Caterpillar to butterfly is one that hooks in children however old they are.

We are big fans of the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle in this house and it is a great way to introduce the lifecycle of a caterpillar.

Firstly we read the story.



Bursting the cocoon, Caterpillar Fun

Then we talked about a cocoon and what it must be like to be all wrapped and snuggled up. We attempted to make our own coccon around Noah and the twins in toilet paper and they burst out of it from the top! They loved this game!


Bursting the Cocoon! Caterpillar Fun

The children just loved this part!


We then decided to make some caterpillars.


You will need:

An egg box


Pipe Cleaners

Marker pens

Googly eyes

Cut an egg box so the you have a strip of the carton.


Paint it green (as I thought) or red as Noah did and yellow as Little Madam did!


Bursting the cocoon! Caterpillar Fun

Messy Fun!


In each section put a hole each side and thread through a pipe cleaner for legs.

Use some pipe cleaners as antennae .

Put on the googly eyes!

Place on some cut out leaves!


Bursting the cocoon! Caterpillar Fun

Three very hungry Caterpillars

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  1. Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum

    We love The Very hungry Catterpillar and love the idea about wrapping the kids in a cacoon – I’m seriously considering getting a butterfly house and some eggs from the vegetable patch this year and going through the butterfly life cycle with J and T that way

  2. rachel

    We have been visiting the caterpillars and butterflies at Bristol zoo this week , it raised lots of questions.
    In the spring we will rear our own using a kit – the girls keep asking when it will be warm enough.
    There is a great song called a tiny caterpillar on a leaf – i’ll try and get the girls on video singing it and add it to fun sparks.
    When my 7 yr old was 3 she used to hide in her toy storage and emerge as a beautiful butterfly – its a very popular topic.

    1. ScienceSparks

      I would love to hear their song. I did not know you could get rearing kits? Where do you get those from, as we would love to have a go?

  3. rightfromthestart

    From a company called insectlore based in Cornwall. We have raised successful butterflies and also tried stick insects but they died. They have some great resources for teaching life cycles too.

    1. dllopez

      We ordered a painted lady butterfly kit last week. All 5 caterpillar are in cocoon stage now and kids were so excited to see the caterpillars eating anf then crawling to top of container. We are moving them into butterfly garden tomorrow to wait on them to emerge as butterflies. The kids watch them everyday to see if they are squirming in the cocoons.

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