Fun Sparks Making bird feeders

Winter can be a tough time for birds. Whilst we are tucked up under our blankets drinking hot chocolate, birds are out there facing the harsh conditions of winter. Although many stay in this country the hardened cold weather can put them at risk. Food is in shorter supply and if an ice frost creeps over it can harden nuts and berries and make it impossible to eat them. Birds can starve to death after three days if a frost or snow continues and many rely on bird feeders as their only source of food.

Make food in high fat contact helps as they are then able to store up reserves.

It is important to remember that if you start putting food out, you need to commit to it as birds start to become reliant on where their food source is.

So I am going to show a really simple way to make Bird Feeders with you little ones…or in fact big kids (including me) love this too!

Pine Cone Feeders

What you need:

Pine cones


Good quality bird seed.


Firstly you need to find some pine cone, which require a nice little nature walk

Pour some bird seed into a tray or pot.

If you intend to hand the pine cone tie some sting around the bottom, if not you can leave this bit out.

Using the butter or lard, take off lumps and smear into the crevices of the pine cone

Fun Sparks Making bird feeders

Smother the cones in butter

Once saturated in butter, roll the pine cones in seeds.

Fun Sparks Making bird feeders

Roll in bird seed!

Take out to your new bird feeders to your bird table!

Fun Sparks Making bird feeders

Place on your table!

You could even make them with peanut butter, which is also high in fat.

pine cone bird feeder


Have Fun


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