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I’ve been searching for child friendly test tubes and droppers for months now, so was very excited when Learning Resources asked me to review their Jumbo Test Tubes, Twisty Droppers and Handy Scoopers.

The quality of all the products is excellent. They are chunky, sturdy and very easy for little hands to hold. The handy scoopers and twisty droppers are great for developing hand strength and fine motor skills whilst having fun.

Handy Scoopers

My 3 year old especially loves these, they have provided her with hours of entertainment at the sand/water table and even in the bath.

These come in a pack of 4 and retail at £11.94.

Handy Scoopers


Twisty Droppers

These come in a set of 4 and retail at £13.14. We have used them with our outdoor water table, and for lots of baking soda and vinegar experiments. They would also be great for art projects.

My three year old found them very easy to use, much easier than the more grown up droppers I’d be using previously. The colours also make them very visually appealing the children of all ages.

Twisty Droppers


Jumbo Test Tubes

These are my favourite product. We’ve already used them for several experiments and for playing with around the water table. The pack even comes with an activity guide, full of great ideas.

At £15.52 they are quite expensive, but we will definitely get a LOT of use from them so I think they are worth the cost.

Here is the first of our activities using the test tubes and droppers.

Exploring Mixing


  • Small Stone
  • Sand
  • Washing up liquid
  • Test Tubes
  • Droppers ( optional )
  • Water


  • Add the stones, sand and washing up liquid to different test tubes.
  • Use the dropper to add water to each test tube.
  • Give them a shake and watch what happens.

Test tubes


The Science Bit

We found that the sand did mix with the water, but after a while settled at the bottom of the test tube again.

The stones didn’t mix.

The washing up liquid became very bubbly and didn’t separate again.

The stones and sand are insoluble, they don’t dissolve in water, while the washing up liquids mixes with the water to form a solution.


Learning Resources

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We were sent the items above to review.

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