Great Ideas for a Halloween Party

Are you planning a Halloween party this year? If so, we’ve got lots of fun and simple ideas to keep guests of all ages entertained.


First up, why not decorate your room with Halloween themed lava lamps. Can you make a ghost one?

pumpkin lava lamps

We also really love this ghost decoration from Rainy Day Mum.

Or how about these pipecleaner pumpkins?

Make a Halloween garland like this one from Tinkerlab. You could experiment with different materials to see which moves the least/most in the wind.

If you don’t fancy carving a pumpkin, how about making a yarn wrapped pumpkin like The Imagination Tree.


Decorate your room with some fake blood and learn about coagulation at the same time.

We love these spider web paper plate decorations from Creative Family Fun. Could you make the web sticky and throw spiders at it?


We love these witchy cauldron cakes from Rainy Day Mum.

Have some fizzy baking soda fun with a Monster’s Tea Party, but remember these aren’t edible.

Monster tea party - baking soda

Or how about some pumpkin cake pops?

You could make a Halloween gingerbread house, and test to see what sticks it together the best?

These Monster cakes are AMAZING, I really wish I could make cakes like that.


Use Halloween coloured juices to see which make the best bubbles!


These shooting ghosts are brilliant from Growing a Jewelled Rose.

These paint colour sample puzzles look like great fun from Kids Activities Blog.

Who can make the scariest play dough monster or a vegetable monster.

Halloween Play dough

Have a game to see who can make a model brain the fastest. Can you name the component parts? Or have some wonderful messy, sensory fun with a game of guess what’s in the pumpkin.

Model Brain

Make a Halloween railroad like Play Trains.

Make skeleton pictures using Q-tips like Mama Smiles.

Scare your friends with this spooky sounds device. If you use different sized and shaped cups does the sound change?

Spooky noise maker


Red Ted Art has some brilliant Halloween themed costumes and we especially love her Harry Potter wands.


Do you have any more Halloween party ideas for us?

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Great ideas for a Halloween party

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