Great science projects for kids

Do your children take part in a science fair or have science projects to do at school? Do you need a bit of inspiration? I’ve pulled together some great science projects for kids to get you started.

Science Projects for Kids


We love these gorgeous constellation geoboards from Babble Dabble Do.

Learn about why craters form and why they are different sizes with this easy project.

making craters

Find out why we have night and day with this fun activity on Let’s Lasso the Moon.

Try one of these amazing space themed experiments perfect for a full afternoon of space themed fun.


Kitchen Science

Learn how filters work by cleaning up dirty water.

Find out why food decays or goes bad with this rotting apple test.

Make a red cabbage indicator and test substances to see if they’re acids or alkalis.


Find out which substance freezes first in this fun activity from No time for Flash Cards.

Make egg geodes like Tinkerlab

Find out which ingredients make the best cookie.

How about the good old Coke and Mento experiment?

Coke and Mentos

Materials Science

Find out why eggshells are are strong and learn about domes in this fun activity.

Test the viscosity of different substances in our giant viscosity race.


Test different materials to find which muffle sound most effectively.

Plant Science

Investigate why plants need water, how they make energy to grow or learn about germination.

Make some pretty coloured flowers or celery and investigate the process of transpiration.

Transpiration flower


Make a wormery and find our why worms are so useful.


Investigate the best way to stop slugs eating plants.

Human Biology

Investigate heart rate and how it changes when you exercise.

Make a model brain and learn about the different structures.

Model Brain

Engineering Projects

Can you make a balloon powered LEGO car?

Learn about elasticity with a catapult. Little Bins for Little Hands has some great catapults too.

Munchkins and Moms has some great ideas for learning about levers.

Make a homemade instrument and learn about sound absorption and reflection.


Other ideas

Nurture Store has a lovely post about growing crystals.

Handmade Kids Art has some great ideas for making an AWESOME presentation board.

Find even more great science project ideas on our Science for Kids Pinterest board.

Try one of these explosive chemistry experiments.

amazing chemistry experiments
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