Grow an Avocado Tree

This week we are making an Avocado Pit. It’s going to take a few weeks so bear with us

My 4 year old thought he could plant a stick and it would turn into a tree if he watered it, so I thought this would introduce him to the concept of a root.

  • Cut the avocado carefully, trying not to injure the stone ( pit )
  • Wash the pit, to remove the flesh, but do not remove the brown outer covering, this is the seed cover.
  • Stick 4 toothpicks into the pit to a depth of about 5mm.
  • Fill a glass jar with water, and place the pit on top, balanced with the toothpicks. It should be half covered with water with the pointed end up. Leave it on a window sill or somewhere it will get lots of light.
  • Change the water every 2 days, this is to stop mold and contaminants damaging the roots. Make sure you keep the base submerged in water.
  • Wait and watch, the brown outer layer should wrinkle and come off and the pit should start to split and a root come out of the bottom.

Further instructions and the science behind it to to follow!

How to grow an avocado tree

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