Hexbug Powered Pens

I was searching Amazon for small motors when it occured to me that I could use a Hexbug instead, which has the big advantage of no wires, but still vibrates brilliantly.

I’ve got lots of ideas for fun things we can make, but first up are these spinning pens.

We also tried a giant version and made a huge piece of Hexbug Powered Pen art!
Hexbug Spinning Pena

Hexbug Powered Pens



Felt tips

Blue Tack

Elastic band

White paper – we love these rolls of paper from Melissa and Doug


Buy here:

US: http://amzn.to/2djt0z6

UK: http://amzn.to/2dbDtMi


  • Use the elastic band to tie the top of the pens together.
  • Separate them out and attach together with the blu tack.
  • Attach a hexbug to the side using a bit more blu tack.
  • Turn the hexbug on and watch the drawing.


Extension Ideas

What happens when you make the pens further apart and closer to each other?

Can you use two hexbugs?

What happens if you use longer/shorter or heaver/lighter pens?

Try placing the Hexbugs at the top and bottom of the pens an investigate what changes.

Try our design sheet sheet to extend learning further and reflect on the design choice used.

Can you go large?

Buy Hexbugs here:



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Drawing with hexbugs

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  1. Emma

    You have the best imagination for these projects, this would never have occurred to me, but how fantastic! My 8 year old will NEED to do this, I know! 😀

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